TESTA Migration to BTESTA Token

This article is for TESTA holders only!

Now you can bridge TESTA (ERC-20) to bTESTA (BEP-20) on BurgerSwap through our protocol and swap them to BTESTA. (users can do it on Desktop computer only)

How to Migrate TESTA Token to bTESTA Token

❗️Noted: bTESTA isn’t BTESTA token. It’s BEP-20 token. The small alphabet of ‘b’ stands for BurgerSwap

  1. Go to ‘Migration’ page, Migrate TESTA section.
  2. Connect your MetaMask to the Ethereum network.

3. Fill TESTA address : 0x1da65B1868e2d36d06d7A44DBD2Be98e49E1f7f9 and Select TESTA.

4. Enter the amount of $TESTA you want to convert. Click ‘Approve’ and ‘Create crosschain assets’ button. Then, confirm your transaction. You need to pay for gas fee.

5. After your transaction is confirmed, open MetaMask and Switch Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain.

6. Click on the ‘Receive’ button at the bottom of the page.

Now you have bTESTA in hands. Let’s exchange them to BTESTA token!

You can exchange bTESTA (BEP-20) to BTESTA token in the 1:10 ratio. 5% of total BTESTA received amount will be immediately go to users’s wallet after clicking ‘Harvest’ and another 95% will be locked and linearly released within 6 months.

❗️1 bTESTA = 10 $BTESTA

How to Exchange bTESTA (BEP-20) to BTESTA token

  1. Go to ‘Migration’ page, Swap to BTESTA section.

2. Put the amount of your bTESTA (BEP-20). Click ‘Approve’ to enable your wallet first and click ‘SWAP’.

3. Your swapped $BTESTA will be shown on Harvest part. you can click ‘Harvest’ to receive token. The locked $BTESTA amount will be linearly claimed, click ‘Claim’ button.

That’s it! Enjoy BTESTA token and don’ forget to stake them in order to earn asset you desire.

BTESTA single asset staking here

For more info👇🏻

🔸Telegram official group: https://t.me/BTESTAfinance
🔸Twitter: https://twitter.com/btesta_finance




The real 1st fair-launch leveraged yield farming & lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain

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BTESTA Finance

BTESTA Finance

The real 1st fair-launch leveraged yield farming & lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain

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