BTESTA Single Asset Staking🛸

Good news for BTESTA holders!🎉 You are now able to stake $BTESTA in order to earn another asset you wish. The way you can earn is much simple as we mention below!👇

Stake $BTESTA to earn:

  • $CAKE🎁
  • $BNB🎁
  • $BUSD🎁
  • $USDT🎁
  • $USDC🎁
  • $wBTC🎁
  • $ETH🎁

⚡️These reward assets are the protocol fees from each vault, distributed to BTESTA Stakers. 80% from protocol revenue will be distributed to all BTESTA stakers. You can choose what reward you desire to have according to all vaults. Every 200$ we collect from each vault, 160$ will be for users.(The first fee distribution will be started on Tuesday, 14th Sep 2021 )

How to stake BTESTA token

Go to Stake page, ‘BTESTA’ section

  • Choose the pool asset you want to earn
  • Put the amount of $BTESTA you want to stake or click ‘MAX’ if you want to stake all, click ‘Approve’ to enable your wallet and click ‘Stake’
  • You can immediately harvest your earned asset by clicking ‘Harvest’ button
  • If you want to unstake $BTESTA, put the amount you want or click ‘MAX’ to unstake all and click ‘Unstake’

If you’re wondering where can you get $BTESTA, you can just buy $BTESTA on PancakeSwap . If you can’t find BTESTA, paste BTESTA address : 0x692cdf8e8f33a8e4b07d1c8ce1763fa70db3a4e4 and import it.

Better than that, let’s lend, borrow, or add BTESTA/BNB liquidity providing on BTESTA protocol in order to earn profit and $BTESTA more! Check out details and how to on Gitbook.

For more info👇🏻

🔸Telegram official group:




The real 1st fair-launch leveraged yield farming & lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain

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BTESTA Finance

BTESTA Finance

The real 1st fair-launch leveraged yield farming & lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain

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