BTESTA Finance is Live!

The real 1st fair-launch leveraged yield farming & lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of BTESTA Finance! Our protocol is managed by ‘BTESTAnaut’, the skillful and crypto passionate group. You can start using it today via our website.

👨🏼‍🚀Our mascot ‘BTestanaut’ — inspired by the astronaut who must be intelligent, brave, best at adapting in all kinds of situations, loves to take any chances & explores the new level of adventure in life.


At launch, we only support one asset BNB and integrate our leveraged yield farming with Pancakeswap.

You can participate in BTESTA Finance in 4 different functionals:

Lender — You can earn income on your base asset by depositing them into our space station; these assets will be offered to yield farmers (borrowers) for leveraging up their positions.

Yield farmer (borrower)— You can earn a higher yield by opening a leveraged position in our BTESTA Space.

Refueler (bounty hunter) — You can get 3% of the total reward in return by calling a refuel function to sell all yield farmed tokens for BNB, and reinvest (refueling) them back into the pool.

Destroyer (liquidator)— You can get 5% of the position value when you destroying(liquidating) the too risky positions.

P.S. of course the higher profits comes with the higher risks — liquidation, impermanent loss, etc.


At launch, we will support:

1 deposit station:


17 farming pools on Pancakeswap (ready to use😎):


















We also have more exciting plans on BSC in the future!


In the next couple of weeks we will announce our liquidity mining program for the BTESTA/BNB LP token on Pancakeswap pool + lender and yield farmer. At that point, we will also reveal the governance token, BTESTA.

In the meantime, we’re not saying that there will be retroactive mining rewards for the initial cohort of BTESTA/BNB LPs + lenders and yield farmers, but we’re also not saying there won’t be.



BTESTA products pass the reliable and well-known Smart Contracts auditor, based on Ethereum main net with the aims of bringing forward the secure and trustless BTESTA ecosystem.

BTESTA Space has completed the security report by Peckshield


For more detail, please visit our documentation page


— Visit our website:
— Join our Discord: btestafinance
— Follow our Twitter: BTESTA.FINANCE
— Follow our Medium: BTESTA Finance — Medium
— Read our doc: BTESTA documentation




The real 1st fair-launch leveraged yield farming & lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain

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BTESTA Finance

BTESTA Finance

The real 1st fair-launch leveraged yield farming & lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain

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